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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Katherine Kersten: Bizarro Columnist!

Ah, good old Katherine Kersten. Is she one of the most ignorant, "clap harder!" conservatives in the world, or does she simply have bad luck? It's not as if she bats well to begin with, but today does seem to take the cake in terms of great juxtapositions.

Kersten's headline today: Iraq? It's A-OK!
Iraq news headlines today: Er, not so much.

I have a question out there for Ms. Kersten, or whoever can fill me in. What does it take to be that disconnected from reality? Do Republicans like yourself pass around a special type of crack? Some other drug? Does it take meditation? Carbon monoxide exposure? Please, let me in on the secret. I would really like to know how people can write stuff like you can without dissolving into fits of guilty laughter. Do you just stare at yourself in the mirror every night and giggle? Or do you avoid eye contact with yourself due to shame? Inquiring minds want to know!


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