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Friday, September 23, 2005


What is Senator Dayton's view on evolution and creationism in schools? Let's see:

Thank you for your letter regarding the teaching of evolution in schools.

I support the teaching of evolution in schools as a scientific theory explaining the history of life on the planet. However, I believe it is important that teachers explain both the supporting and detracting facts on the evolutionary theory. This is, however, a local issue, as it is the job of the local school board to set policies and curriculum which reflect the values and ideas of the community.

My best regards.

I guess there is nothing too wrong about this response, but it does rub me the wrong way. It is not as pro-evolution and one would hope, especially considering the fact that Dayton is not a fundamentalist. Sure, it doesn't outright say that there is anything wrong with evolution, but it leaves a lot of wiggle room. "The values and ideas of the community?" What if the values of the community where that blacks, women, or gays were subhuman? Is that okay?


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