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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Unemployment up

The state's unemployment rate has increased. Most of the increase is probably due to Northwest's problems, but not all of it.

Especially interesting is the comparison between the types of jobs lost and gained. Government lost 3,900 jobs, while the leisure and hospitality industry gained the same amount. Thus, high-wage jobs with benefits were replaced by far lower-wage jobs with little or no benefits.

Although this news isn't cause for alarm, anytime jobs disappear it isn't good. Hopefully, this will turn around soon.


At 6:58 AM, October 19, 2005, Blogger halfback jack said...

As a public servant myself, I can tell you that the job loss is a result of a lot of people retiring and not being replaced.

If you look back, many MANY people were hired in the public sector back in the 1970's and they are now retiring in droves.

The tightie righties are going to get their wish on shrinking government without having to lift a pinkie. Im my own situation, I am still one of the "kids" here, even though I am in my late 40's. One of my former colleagues retired last year. He started working in my place of employment six months before I was born!

The trend in public employment is going to continue south due to the number of retirees exceeding the number of folks coming in. Short term, it may be OK. Long term, though could be ugly.


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