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Monday, January 02, 2006

Pawlenty's "priorities"

Apparently, the governor is going to announce tomorrow his snazzy new ideas to fight the huge problems of "illegal immigration" in this state. His attempt to win re-election by harping on emotional, unimportant issues starts then, I suppose.

I'm willing to guess that his ideas will almost solely consist of punishing immigrants or their U.S. citizen children, and will not include anything like requiring Minnesota employers to follow U.S. law with regards to hiring. Immigrants are going to come here as long as there are jobs available to them. It makes more economic sense for companies to hire illegal immigrants than not to, so unless that changes, there will be no change in the number of immigrants who come here. However, I'm willing to bet that Pawlenty will punish kids for their parents' attempts at building a better life.


At 8:02 PM, January 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna step out on a limb here:


[Dark, grainy footage of shadowy figures jumping off the back of a truck.]

Narrator: [ominously] They just keep coming. Thousands of them. Taking your jobs. Costing you tax dollars. Getting gay married by the hundreds. It has to stop.

[Sunny footage of smiling Tim Pawlenty chatting with bystanders holding Pawlenty signs as MN National Guard officers load dark-skinned people in Mike Hatch t-shirts onto an armored bus. In background, a terrified woman tries to lower her infant through the bus window while narrator speaks.]

Narrator: [Upbeat] Governor Pawlenty believes in playing by the rules, even if everyone agrees they're screwed up in one way or another. You can trust him to come through, even though he expressed no interest in any of this until an election year. No way he's dropping this the second he's reelected to keep his Chamber of Commerce buddies happy. No sir.

[Soldier spots woman and forces screaming infant back in bus. Points weapon at window and yells threatening noises.]

Tim Pawlenty: [noticing the commotion] Hasta la vista, BABY!

[Governor and crowd laugh as bus heads down the dusty road.]

Narrator: Paid for by Tim Pawlenty for Governor.


Okay, seriously though, this announcement he's making will be carefully stage-managed for use in commercials later this year. What do you think the back drop is gonna look like?


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