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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Klobuchar notes

Amy Klobuchar would oppose Alito. Unlike some people, I don't think it's terribly relevant what she thinks of him; she's not going to vote on him, so what's the point? But this is obviously the right stance for her to take. Saying that she would support Alito wouldn't help her anywhere, but it would tank her support among activists. Frankly, I don't see how any Democrat can vote for him. What are they afraid of?

Also in the story is news that St. Paul DFL Representative Alice Hausman is no longer backing Klobuchar and backing Ford Bell. Losing one endorsement out of many isn't that big a deal, but what I don't get is why people think that Klobuchar is somehow the candidate from Washington. Hello? I don't remember Amy getting calls from Karl Rove or Dick Cheney (or their Democratic counterparts, if they exist). Amy is the front runner because she is a strong Democrat who is a tough fighter. She has been connecting with the party activists for a long time now. She didn't come out of nowhere, nor has she been foisted upon voters.

I don't know much about Ford Bell, and maybe he does take all the right positions. But sooner or later Democrats need to learn that they don't win elections by having the better list of issues. People vote on emotion and character, not issues. Amy is a strong candidate who resonates with people and, more importantly, really appears to stand for something. But sadly, many Democrats still think that the way to win issues is to come up with even more perfect issue statements, no matter how personally unappealing the candidate is. When will they learn?


At 1:27 AM, January 27, 2006, Anonymous chris said...

I don't think Ford Bell's recent behavior is gonna win him any friends. First off, Klobuchar has said since Day One that she would abide by the endorsement. Bell spent six months declining to take a position, and a few days ago, when he realized he wasn't gonna win the endorsement, said he'd go to a primary. He implied in that same speech to the Central Committee that activists who favor Klobuchar (between 61% and 66% of them last summer, according to an informal insideminnesotapolitics survey) are just a bunch of dupes mindlessly supporting a top-down D.C. candidate. And then he accused KLOBUCHAR of disrespecting the delegates! This is exactly the kind of stereotype - self-righteous, whiny and condescending - that people hold about liberals. Bell's elitist background doesn't help either.

Okay. Venting complete. The Hausman thing didn't bother me that much, but it did puzzle me a little, just because she's somewhat well known for playing the gender card over the issues card quite a bit in the past. Most recently, I think Hausman supported Judi Dutcher for governor in '02. You'd be on strong grounds to make the electibility argument for her, and that's fine. That's a legitimate argument. I have no quarrel with that. But on issues? Dutcher didn't even have an issues section on her website until a couple weeks before the convention. It was all personality. So Hausman's recent decision is a little weird. I wonder what Bell said to her?

At 9:32 PM, January 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so if Democrats don't win elections on issues then why do we care about healthcare, women's rights, and the environment (etc)? Should we just pick the 'prettiest, most charming, and voted 'most friendly' in high school candidate no matter what they stand for? It might be interesting to hear from the people who don't think Amy resonates with anyone. It is January and yes Amy has gotten the calls from Washington (Chuck Schumer) anointing her as the candidate. OK my venting is complete, but when it comes down to it I think as Democrats we should look at all the ISSUES and choose the candidate who will stand up for all Minnesota Citizens not choose a candidate just because they might win some kind of personality contest.

At 2:42 PM, January 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy Klobuchar went to Yale, was a big firm corporate lawyer for MCI Telecom, has been a long-time DFL Party insider, has never directly prosecuted a case in court, and now is Washington's annointed candidate for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat.

This kind of says it all.

I vote for Bell as the "authentic and honest voice" in the contest. The only thing Bell has done in this race is be a candidate of clarity and principle on the issues. Sadly Klobuchar and her supporters have conducted a negative campaign of intimidation to discourage anyone from challenging her.

Bell can beat Kennedy in Nov.

Let's have some honest and positive debates on the issues already.

One last observation. If Ciresi chooses to try and buy the Senate seat with money that should have gone to his clients, we will have two attorneys, a veterinarian and an accountant running to be our next U.S. Senator. I believe the Senate would be a better place with fewer accountants and attorneys. We need more veterinarians in the Senate to cure the domestic beast in Washington of the cancer of money driven political influence peddling.

Sadly the Democratic establishment is beholden to the attorney/trail lawyer lobby and the Republican axis is beholden to big oil companies that have shaken our economy with "off the books accounting" and sky-high gas prices at the pump.

Rep. Hausman's decision to do the right thing and withdraw her support of Klobuchar and become the co-Chair of Bell's campaign is very significant. For this reason, I believe, Klobuchar's supporters are attempting to diminish the importance of her decision by employing the tactic of character assasination. However time will show that Ms. Hausman is,in fact, the first of many leaders in Minnesota to publically withdraw their support of Klobuchar.

We have a clear choice and the best voice for Minnesota is Ford Bell.


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