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Friday, February 10, 2006


A group of legislators got together to try and figure out how they can work better across the aisles and between the House and Senate. Anything that helps them work together and get their work done is great.

A lot of legislators blame increased partisanship on the lobbyist gift ban, saying that without dinners and parties thrown by lobbyists, legislators have no way of getting to know each other. That's a pretty lame argument. It all comes down to a matter of will. There are a lot of legislators in the metropolitan area, of both parties. I'm assuming that most of them have houses. There's nothing to keep them from opening the doors and inviting everybody over for a good time. No lobbyists. No contributors. No special interest groups. Just legislators.

The could all bring food, desserts, and a couple cases of beer. Sit around, talk, maybe watch a quality movie like Con-Air. Millions of families do this every year, including mine, and it seems to work. No lobbyist gifts required.


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