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Thursday, May 18, 2006


What is this person thinking? She deserves the ticket. She deserves no sympathy. And Rep. Paulsen is dead wrong if he agrees that the ticket was out of line.

MnPass allows single drivers to access the HOV lane in one place: I-394. You know, where all the toll and MnPass signs actually are. It does not count as an extra person. All of the other HOV lanes and ramps around the metro, you know, the ones without MnPass signs and signs indicating how much you have to pay, have nothing to do with MnPass. Get it?

Seriously, what is this person thinking? That MnPass really is a Lexus Lane, a way for those with money to simply bypass all the plebs sitting at the ramp meters? Is there a sticker on the transponder that leads people to believe that they can use all HOV lanes? Are people that foolish?

Apparently, yes.


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