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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Katherine Kersten's Korner

I missed Monday's pointless article, but today Kersten is back, and she is talking about the upcoming elections. Will facts get in her way? Never!

Wingnuttia Level: 5 (Picking and choosing of facts ahead)

Kersten starts with the Minnesota poll, and tells us that voters aren't worried about the environment or health care. No, voters care most about taxes and education. Since the poll backs her up on this, so far, so good.

So what about taxes? According to Kersten, what voters mean is that taxes are too high. Why does she think this? Because she is Katherine Kersten, of course, and she has her finger on the pulse of Minnesota! How dare you question her? If she says that Minnesotans think taxes are too high, then they are too high.

Education? More money? Pshaw. See, what voters are really concerned about is how to get Minneapolis schools to be safer and do better academically magically without spending any more money. Concentrations of poverty and language barriers mean nothing. Once again, Kersten knows what voters are thinking, and she is going to tell us out of the graciousness of her heart. She's all about helping, you know?

According to Kersten, "Candidates who want to win this fall should come down from the clouds." Buy why? Kersten is having lots of fun drifting among them, high above us where she can divine what we are thinking. It's working for her!


At 12:02 PM, July 20, 2006, Blogger lapis said...

Can I tell you how much I dislike that woman? Her & Michelle Bachmann are sending the women's rights movement back decades!

I noticed that she only mentioned about "black parents" when talking about MPLS schools & charter schools.

Well, I'm a middle class WHITE parent. I was responsible for a teenager while living in North East. She attended Cooper. I pulled her out and got her into a charter school in St. Paul. At Cooper, they had no time to go to lockers between classes, no silverware other than plastic spoons, all the 'good' teachers left. What was left behind was a massive building with all the appeal of prison, except prisoners have MORE rights than those kids. She had a 1.75 GPA. We got her into the charter school. They treated them with trust, respect, and dignity. She graduated with honors and now works full time while going to school full time and still hits the dean's list.

My 7 yr old also goes to a charter. Our street is not even in an assigned elementary school. For Kindergarten, he was wait-listed at the two public schools available to us. We found a good charter school for him. Class size is limited to 16 kids. They have a teacher, an aide, plus parent volunteers. It ends up being more like a 1:4 ratio, adults to students.

My baby will also not attend a MPLS public school.

The schools aren't safe. The administration treats everyone like a death camp inmate. How can that environment be conducive to learning?

At 2:39 PM, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've decided that I'm not going to get worked up by her drivel anymore. Oh, sure, for a while I stopped reading her altogether, but I evetually came back. But I came back with at new theory: She simply does not exist! Seriously, think about it! Has anyone actually seen her in person?! So the theory continues that she does not, in fact, exist and that she is the product of the Star Tribune Editorial Board who meets a couple of times a week to brainstorm the most outlandish and crazy and wacky and anti-everything-except-the-"glorious"-1950s-American-Dream-related-idealism-(just-don't-call-it-idealsm!) ideas that completely fly in the face of the paper's readership. Why they would do this, I'm not sure yet, other than to appease the marketing department (still working on this part of the theory). But suffice to say, I figured it out and my life is much more calm now!


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