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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mr. T. Endorsed

It's time for political lawn signs again, and as I was walking around this afternoon I saw one of Mike Erlandson's signs. Since he doesn't have the DFL endorsement, he can't put "DFL Endorsed" on the sign. He doesn't even use the old standby "Labor Endorsed", used so often by candidates without the party nod because it's easy to find at least one union to endorse you. No, he puts "Rep. Sabo Endorsed" on the bottom.

It makes me laugh. I mean, it's pretty obvious that Sabo wants Erlandson to win: that was obvious from the beginning when Sabo delayed his retirement announcement to prevent other candidates from campaigning. Putting "Rep. Sabo Endorsed" on your sign doesn't make you look any more of a man independent of the big dog, Mike. In fact, it's kind of pathetic.

But then it got me thinking. Endorsements from random people are used far too seldom in political campaigns, and they are almost never used on signs. This is a tragedy. So I am saying that I will vote for whoever a) gets Mr. T.'s endorsement, and b) puts it on their sign. Because Mr. T. is one person you don't want to be messing with. When he endorses somebody, you know it's gold, as gold as the many chains around his neck.

So let's see it, candidates!


At 12:16 PM, August 18, 2006, Anonymous Justin C. Adams said...

Do you have the contact info for Mr. T?


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