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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Katherine Kersten's Korner

I'm shocked that in Kersten's latest kolumn she resumes her attacks on Keith Ellison. She joins the cadre of Republicans who are trying to paint Ellison as some extremist and paint the DFL as extremist for voting for an extremist. It's a really highbrow strategy, and Kersten has just enough intelligence to join in.

Wingnuttia Level: 10 (She's gonna blow!)

There is literally nothing new here. If you want a rehash of everything that wingnuts like Alan Fine and Ron Carey are saying about Keith Ellison, read her kolumn. If you are sick of it, don't.


At 4:21 PM, September 19, 2006, Blogger Douglas Hester said...

Well, the guy does stick up for cop-killers and wannabe cop-killers (Mumia Abu-Jamal and Kathleen Soliah).

I had the chance to watch Ellison personally in a committee hearing during the 2005 Legislative session, when the Personal Protection Act was repassed. He seemed to be very haughty and crabby, and pouted and yelled whenever something didn't go his way. Very confrontational with everyone. There is a difference, in my view, between being passionate and caring about the issues and being just plain rude when you don't get your way. At least on that day, Ellison seemed to be the latter.
As with the parking ticket and campaign fines, being a fighter "for the right issues" doesn't give you a free pass to ignore either laws or the common decency rules of society.

At 9:11 AM, September 20, 2006, Blogger Pragmatic Cynic said...

It is not so much about her comments on Ellison. They know that the GOP won't take the Fifth District. rather the she takes up the GOP party-line attempt to paint all DFLers with Ellison asked in the form of a question:

Is Ellison's DFL also the party of Amy Klobuchar and Mike Hatch? We have six weeks to find out.

She won't say it so, just drop a little innuendo, a bit of wondering.


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