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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Primary results

Yesterday's primary elections had an all-time low turnout. There weren't many contested races (only a handful of state representative races had a primary), and there were no statewide races. Hopefully, this low turnout won't foreshadow similar antipathy for the general election.

The only surprising outcome was the primary for district 55A state representative. The current rep, Scott Wasiluk, was the subject of an exposé by Fox 9 news about drinking at the capitol. Although he is hardly the only elected official to drink at the capitol, he was the one caught on camera. As a result, he lost a close primary election.

Sometimes, politics isn't very fair. But as it goes with speeding, just because everybody else around you is doing it doesn't mean you are to blame too. Anybody could have been caught on that camera, Scott happened to be the one, and he paid the price.


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