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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Scary people don't want you to vote

The Secretary of State's office is telling election workers to be on the lookout for scary people that might be terrorists. Things to look for are shaved heads, short hair, whispering, or a "flower smell." In other words, anybody likely to be voting in Uptown, it seems.

This despite a lack of any evidence whatsoever that terrorists are planning on blowing up polling places in this state, or any evidence that this is what terrorists might be like. It's classic FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

Is this a concerted effort to intimidate people into not voting, or is it just incompetence? In any case, this is just more proof that SOS Mary Kiffmeyer should be retired by the voters. Her job should be to encourage voter turnout, make sure the vote counts are accurate, and make it easy to vote. She is failing miserably on all counts, instead preferring to be a partisan hack. She scares voters, she tries to stop voter registration drives, and she says things like there shouldn't be a separation of church and state. Are these things appropriate for a person in her office? I don't think so.


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