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Sunday, January 16, 2005

That Reagan SOB

Republicans have put forward a plan to rename the State Office Building (SOB) the Reagan SOB. Now while the epithet may be useful, the name isn't, for all the reasons I have posted about before: he didn't live here, he didn't win here, etc. I surely don't understand why Minnesota Republicans have an obsession with budget-deficit-blowing, Iran-Contra-scandaling Ronnie, but that's nothing new. Name a Superfund site after him, fine, but not the SOB.

Lori Sturdevant at the Star Tribune has another option, one which would be great. Ed Burdick has been associated with the legislature for more than half a century, and he has worked with Democrats and Republicans alike. Let's name our bipartisan SOB after somebody who is bipartisan too.


At 1:34 PM, January 16, 2005, Blogger R-Five said...

Agree again. I better watch myself!


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