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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Okay, Al Franken is funny and all. I like him. But please, I don't want to hear any of this. There is no way that grownups are going to vote for Stuart Smalley for Senate. Jesse Ventura? Arnold? Do any of these ring a bell?


At 11:31 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger Luke Francl said...

Rig a bell? They both won!

And Ventura, at least, was a decent governor. I'd take him over Pawlenty any day of the week.

At 11:55 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger Andrew said...

I thought Frankin was running for Senate against Coleman??

At 2:25 AM, February 27, 2006, Anonymous Chris said...

I had the same reaction when I saw a Stuart Smalley sketch one night on a re-run channel. My heart just sank. All Norm's people would have to do is run a clip of Franken with that ridiculous wig and voice, and ask, "Is this someone you want making decisions about war and peace etc.?" Believe me, it would work.

Franken's a very different kind of entertainer than Jesse or Arnold. Those guys did escapist action flicks. Audiences, particularly men, would imagine themselves on screen as muscle-bound Adonises flying through explosions, blowing up the bad guys, and saving the world to mass adulation. Franken played silly characters audiences laughed at.

The other thing is that Franken is an explicitly partisan entertainer who's spent the last decade writing books calling conservatives "big fat idiots" and "lying liars." Right off the bat, he's not gonna win any cross-over votes from Republicans, and I suspect that kind of thing is a turn-off for independent voters as well. Arnold was known as a Republican contributer, but he didn't go around insulting Democrats all the time. Ventura had his own radio show where he took lots of shots at politicians, but he was an independent, an equal-opportunity basher, so no one party held it against him too much.

And besides, the media and the people hold liberal celebrities to different standards than conservative celebrities. It's not fair, but that's the real world. The only people I've seen who think a Franken candidacy are a good idea live in the DailyKos/DU/Bartcop echo chamber.

At 10:33 AM, February 27, 2006, Blogger mike said...

Franken will be choosen on his merits, I don't think the entertainer skill set works as well for a liberal as it did for a more straight forward comman sense candidate like Jesse Ventura, but he would be just as electable as an the candidates the DFL is giving us this year.

It's silly to write off a person because they weren't a lawyer or business owner, and instead had a more public profession.

At 12:43 PM, February 27, 2006, Anonymous Chris said...

I take back what I said in that last paragraph. Re-read the article and saw the part about getting encouragement from high places. It reminded me that last year, shortly after Franken said he wouldn't run in '06, Harry Reid was a guest on his show, and opened by asking him to reconsider his decision. It may have just been sucking up to the host, but there's usually some laughter or a certain tone of voice in that case. Reid sounded dead serious when I heard him. So anyways, who knows? Money and Name ID really do seem to be everything in D.C.

Also, there are some people in Daily Kos who don't want a Franken candidacy. So it's not a monolithic thing.

I stand by the rest of what I said, though. Look what happened to The Ox last year, a partisan GOP radio host running in a GOP leaning area. He got slaughtered at least in part because he'd spent so much time insulting so many people.

The DFL has other good candidates who could run against Coleman. It's not in such dire straits that it needs Al Franken to swoop in from New York to save it.

At 12:44 PM, February 27, 2006, Blogger Wm said...

i'd vote for him. norm's been impersonating mayor quimby for years now . . .

At 2:46 PM, February 27, 2006, Blogger Dr. Jack Shepard said...

Amy's Klobuchar's 100% wrong for the US Senate; she can not treat her employees correctly how can she represent Minnesota in the Senate with her record!

Amy Klobuchar talks unethically about Dr. Jack Shepard and Amy Klobuchar takes all the credit for the work of her staff and still treats her employees so bad that her own employees warn us not to support her! Dr. Jack Shepard says

Read the letter below from James Appleby President, Local 2938 on behalf of the Executive Board of Local 2938 bottom, says "As County Attorney, Amy Klobuchar has created a hostile work environment" Amy Klobuchar is someone that we do not wish to have as Hennepin County Attorney or give her the chance to "Create a hostile work environment by treating her staff as poorly in Washington as she treats her staff in Minnesota." says Dr. Jack Shepard

Dr. Jack Shepard announces that he will seek the GOP nomination for the 4th Congressional District of Minnesota in the September 12, 2006 Primary Election.

Dr. Jack Shepard's has been called; "an evangelist in the fight against global terrorism".

Dr. Jack Shepard says at this very critical time in our Nations History the next United States Congress urgently needs new Congressmen and Congresswomen with international experience especially whose with a very good first hand understanding of the Arab Countries in the Middle East.

Dr. Jack Shepard is on the record as saying that the only possible way to achieve a long lasting peace in the Middle East is necessary to win our war on Terrorism is through dialogue.

Dr. Jack Shepard, a self-described "Born-Again Republican" and Veteran American Service Officer.

For almost a quarter of a century Dr. Shepard has been based and working out of Rome, Italy as a Mideast Specialist.

Dr. Shepard hopes to be returning to his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota to run for the 4th Congressional District if he gets the support of the White House in his efforts to be the first Republican to win the 4th Congressional District in almost 60 years.

Dr. Shepard is just launching into the heart of his campaign; and “God Willing", says Shepard, the heart of his campaign will be the Arab World.

Dr. Shepard's campaign support to date has mainly come from the Hmong and Vietnamese communities in St. Paul.

They supported him after he promoted policies that would aid the Hmong refugees in the US and help to resettle the Hmong refugees in Thailand and Laos.

Dr. Shepard see his election to the US Congress as being urgently needed so he would be in a position to convince other US Congressman who do not really understand the urgency of fulfilling President Bush's vision of the states of Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace as the key to creating a democracy Iraq.

Dr. Shepard believes that Americans need to be informed about the Arab World. Dr. Shepard is seeking to strengthen his Arab ties and to promote Arab and Palestinian interests within the Bush Administration.

If elected, Dr. Shepard promises to go and do anything that the Bush Administration would ask of him to jump start the presently frozen Middle East Peace process. If elected he promises to relay the true needs of Arabs and Palestinians to the Bush Administration.

Dr. Shepard is seeking to hold a forum with top Arab leaders; by giving a voice to the Arab World. He hopes- as an impartial observer- to facilitate a neutral space where these leaders can safely explore what each can and would do to contribute to peace in Iraq and help with finally getting the Israeli’s and Palestinians to the peace table, and do what it takes to have President Bush’s Vision of the two states of Palestine and Israel living side by side in Peace as crowning accomplishment of the Bush Administration.

Dr. Shepard is on record as saying, “Until all the voices, values and priorities of all the Arab leaders are heard there will be no chance for resolving the pressing problems in the Mideast.

“My goal is to kick start major peace efforts with Arab Governments who deserve to be included in the decision-making. These leaders are close to the ground/people, very frustrated from having to watch things they do not like to see, and such, have many good ideas on how to fix things.”

“These are brilliant minds that have been sidelined, he adds. “The world doesn’t understand. Everybody thinks Arabs don’t want peace; they want peace. They are dying for it. They want everybody to roll up their sleeves and get back to work. It is (the despair of) everybody doing nothing that is contributing to all the killing.”

Dr. Shepard envisions a kind of expanded quartet (to address the peace process) includes Israel and Arab countries. Dr. Shepard says the forum will give an opportunity to the three major players

( Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran) to make a statement that will go right- via mass media- to the American voters, who can then make an informed decision regarding the snarl of questions the Mideast is increasingly raising. Dr. Shepard says Arab (and Muslim) leaders currently do not get that chance.

Dr. Shepard also says these are the countries we need the most to hear from, “These are the countries my government wants to have great relationship with but does not have a great relationship with.” For years Dr. Shepard has gone out of his way to visit and meet many high level Government officials from these countries.

Aside from facilitating a critical dialogue, Dr. Shepard’s emphasis is largely on economic reform. Dr. Shepard economic objectives for the Mideast include a Common Market- a Middle East Economic Union modelled on the European Economic Union. - Which would establish an economic free trade zone in a borderless Mideast. “Where in 5 years one could drive from Damascus to Jerusalem as easily as we can drive today from Berlin to Paris.”

Dr. Shepard says in the past other leaders in the Congress have not been at liberty to promote Palestinian interests in Congress or Arab leader’s voices; until President George W. Bush began to lead his vision of Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace “It was political suicide; now it is official American Government Policies. Dr. Shepard says President Bush should be getting even stronger support for his Middle East peace efforts from congress.

If elected to become the first republican Congressman from the 4th congressional District of Minnesota in almost 60 years; Dr. Shepard intends to lead an urgent effort to get a much greater involvement of the next US Congress in supporting President Bush’s Middle East peace plans.

If elected Dr. Shepard is going to get out the on the Congressional Floor and say, “If we are ever going to have peace in the Middle East we are know approaching a point of it is now or never, so Let’s do it, and do it NOW”

Dr. Shepard believes there is a place for him in Congress, “ Post 9-11”, Americans are seeking officials who know their way around the Middle East who can stress dialogue with the contacts that they have developed in the past years with the high level Government official in the Middle East counties. This is necessary if we are ever going to have peace in the Middle East. This is necessary to get Muslim countries to join us in our stabilization efforts in Iraq so our brave American Soldiers can come home; Mission accomplished.”

Dr. Shepard as a “Compassionate Liberal Republican” is committed to equality and justice and says that he wants to get more diversity within the Republican Party. “The Republican party controls the White House, the Senate and the Congress. To be a protestor is a waste of precious time. Dr. Shepard says, “To really make a real difference a person must join the Republican Party and work through the system to get your views heard.”

Dr. Shepard become a “Born Again Republican” a former lifelong Democrat he left the Democratic Party after encountering overt racism at the higher levels of the Democratic Party while being a Senior delegate from Democrats Aboard of Italy at the Global Democratic Convention and Regional Caucuses in 2000 held in Paris.

To Dr. Shepard’s and all the Black Delegates shock not one Black Delegate was chosen from all the Democrats Aboard delegates from any country in the whole world except America to be a delegate for the Democratic National Convention in 2000 which was held in Los Angeles to nominate the Democratic Candidate for President.

Long-time political associate and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Country Project Officer Dr. Charles Rutledge says he supports Dr. Shepard wholeheartedly .Dr, Rutledge said; “Dr. Shepard has a fine reputation with most Middle East Ambassadors; high ranking officials at FAO, WFP and all other United Nations Agencies headquartered in Rome, Italy.

Most respect and trust him. The only problem Dr. Shepard has encountered is, “People have always listened to Jack because he’s basically always right. The problem is, his ideas are a little too perfect for the world he’s working in. Most important the Republican Party does need people like Jack because he has great ideas and the Republican Party needs the involvement of like minded people like Jack to carry them out.”

Dr. Shepard is eagerly hoping to change his present position which he will not go into detail about but he says it’s similar to being a goodwill ambassador for America without a portfolio, to becoming the most junior Congressman from Minnesota but with maybe more Middle East Experience then any other Congressman or Congresswoman now serving in Congress.

Dr. Shepard is confident that he understands the frustrations and suffering that goes on worldwide so very unnecessarily that he hopes to stimulate a spiritual awakening by convincing people to once again learn love their neighbors. Dr. Shepard recently said, “I care and work for others, so you think that to call people names, to hate people or to even kill people will help individual causes; these people have forgotten that one day they will be all judged by God.” .

Many of you have let hate into our hearts. You use as justification where you were born and in what condition we are forced to live in. This hate has grown in your heart and now makes you think and say and do evil things.

I pray for you, that God opens your eyes and opens your ears and you remember that you are create by God and pray that he will makes you well and good. Again.

This you can do by treating others are equals, not hating others. You will be judged as you judge; you will be treated as you treat others please never forget this and we will maybe give our children a future better then it look now.

Too many of you show your hatred by name calling and hurting or even killing your neighbours; you know I am right.

Look at your life, what you do, where you are and where you wish to be.

You can only change that and help yourself by having a change of heart by start liking your neighbors, helping each other, begin to work together and live a normal life that GOD finds pleasing.

This begins by start to talking to your neighbours with normal language in a way that God would consider pleasing.

You must change to be a good person that Loves your neighbour, wishes to help your neighbor, do something’s constructive with your life. Make the world a better place then you found it...

May God Bless you with Love, and cleanse you heart of the hate you developed I do not know why; but who ever got you so mad and so unhappy with life you have to forgive them and you will feel better.

You still can join others and doing and SAYING things that please God.

May God Bless you by opening your eyes and opening your ears so you can hear and do what God finds pleasing.

May God Bless America with Peace and Happiness

Dr. Jack Shepard
this strike anybody as a shock? Klobuchar letter

The strong feelings of our membership compel the Executive Board of Local 2938 to write you regarding AFSCME’s contemplated endorsement of a candidate for the United States Senate. Our local represents the attorneys and legal professionals in the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office who have worked under candidate Amy Klobuchar for seven years. Thus we are in the unique position of providing you with the most comprehensive information necessary to judge Ms. Klobuchar’s performance on the issues germane to our organization. Four years ago, this local asked Council 14 to withhold the endorsement from Amy Klobuchar. This request was ignored. We do not want that to happen again. The purpose of this letter is to tell you why Ms. Klobuchar continues to be wholly undeserving of AFSCME’s endorsement.

Throughout her tenure as Hennepin County Attorney, Amy Klobuchar has demonstrated her disdain for the very employees that have placed her in the position to run for the office she now seeks. She has denigrated these lawyers both publicly and privately. She has refused to support their efforts to obtain a fair wage adjustment. She has taken credit for the hard work of her employees. She has severely damaged the morale of the office.

As County Attorney, Amy Klobuchar has created a hostile work environment. This has resulted in increased grievances from employees as well as informal disciplinary matters in which the union was asked to intervene on the employee’s behalf. Ms. Klobuchar’s hiring practices have further evidenced disdain for her own employees. Qualified personnel from her own and other public offices have been rejected because her priority has been to choose candidates who support her ambitions. In a dispute with county investigators, Ms. Klobuchar made no effort to keep these qualified team members in the office. She has even succeeded in diminishing the union ranks by promoting retirement among a group of employees, and then rehiring them as independent contractors.

In short, Amy Klobuchar is exactly the kind of candidate that AFSCME should oppose.

As you are aware, Hennepin County attorneys were seeking a market increase during the last contract negotiation so their wages would be representative of the work they do, and competitive with the wages of attorneys in neighboring jurisdictions. Local 2938 sought Ms. Klobuchar’s assistance. For months, Ms. Klobuchar refused to support these efforts. Last October Ms. Klobuchar attended a fund raiser for Senate District 19. A former AFSCME member, Lori Schmidt, asked for her position on the market increase. Ms. Klobuchar did not offer any words of support. Instead, she ridiculed the request and characterized it as unreasonable and unfair.

Around this time, Ms. Klobuchar met with AFSCME leaders in an attempt to obtain AFSCME’s early support. They, too, questioned Ms. Klobuchar’s support for the attorneys’ wage adjustment, pointing out that new associates from her former law firm were receiving starting salaries greater than the non-supervisory attorneys in her office that were at the top of the pay scale. Ms. Klobuchar responded that such a comparison was irrelevant since none of the attorneys in her office were competent enough to work in her former firm. AFSCME correctly withheld an early endorsement.

Ms. Klobuchar was finally forced to meet with our local 2938’s bargaining team in mid-November. She said she would support a “fair increase” but refused to define what she meant by a “fair increase.” She promised to assist us, but refused to do so publicly. She promised to support us “behind the scenes” by advocating for a fair market adjustment with county board members prior to our scheduled mediation. We understood Ms. Klobuchar’s comments as a promise that she would actively lobby the county board on our behalf. We do not believe Ms. Klobuchar kept her promise to AFSCME. In the end, her “behind the scenes” assistance was so tardy, weak and grudgingly given that only one member of the County Board clearly recalled having any contact from either her or her management team. Any perception that Ms. Klobuchar sincerely helped our members on this issue is incorrect. We fear that AFSCME will support Ms. Klobuchar based on her unfulfilled promise of assistance.

The fact that Ms. Klobuchar holds so little regard for her employees has not stopped her from taking credit for their work. She has used the publicity from the many successfully prosecuted criminal cases to give the public the false impression that she was actively involved in those cases. She was not. She presents herself as a dedicated public servant acutely concerned with the public’s safety when her only dedication is to her own self-promotion.

AFSCME represents thousands of working men and women that have dedicated themselves to fairness in the workplace. Council 5’s slogan is: “One strong unified voice for Minnesota workers.” Amy Klobuchar assumes she will receive AFSCME’s endorsement. She believes that AFSCME’s fear that a Republican will be elected will preclude any fair review of her labor record. This must not happen. AFSCME must hold Amy Klobuchar responsible for her shameful treatment of her employees. We, the members of Local 2938, demand that you deny Amy Klobuchar endorsement for the United States Senate.

James Appleby

President, Local 2938 on behalf of the Executive Board of Local 2938

Posted by: Dr. Jack Shepard; Veteran America Service Officer announces he will run again for the GOP nomination on Monday February 27, 2006


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