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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gay marriage

Lots of stuff on gay marriage today: Lori Sturdevant talks about how Senate DFLers aren't worried about voting against a constitutional amendment anymore. Nor should they: voters simply do not care much about gay marriage. On the other hand, we have Senator Michelle Bachmann embarrassing herself once again by talking about marriage 5,000 years ago (neglecting to point out that women probably didn't have much input into the whole marriage thing, seeing as how they were property and all), setting up strawmen like "group marriage", and exclaiming how great it is that this issue unifies homophobes of all stripes.

Finally, there is an interview with an author who points out that highly-educated workers don't want to live around a bunch of bigots, something I can attest to personally. The Twin Cities has a lot of these highly-educated people, which is the reason for our good economy; driving them away isn't a good plan.

Although Republicans will once again try to make this into a divisive issue this year, trying to rend the community, hopefully the sane among us won't take the bait.


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