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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't these people ever give up?

Senator Michelle Bachmann, making sure she constantly exercises her crazy muscle, is bringing back the gay marriage ban. Apparently, she once again feels like ignoring the important things going on in this state, such as the budget deficit, transportation funding, health care, or any of those more pressing issues. No, to her, the greatest threat to our state is homos. It's like this decade's version of the red scare.

Is she ever going to get sick of this garbage? Unfortunately, since people like Minnesota Family Council leader Tom Prichard live for this stuff, I doubt it.

I do think that it would be a good idea to load the constitution up with amendments to go along with this one. Dedicating the motor vehicle sales tax to transportation, health care, dedicated environmental, arts, and education funding...let's bring it on. If she wants to wreck our constitution with idiocies, let's go all the way.


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