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Monday, March 07, 2005

Pawlenty endorses Kennedy; Grams pouts

It is becoming clear that a split is forming in the Republican party over the party's candidate for Senate.
, Governor Pawlenty endorsed Mark Kennedy, while Rod Grams joined Gil Gutknecht in blasting the "kingmaking" that's going on. He specifically attacked party chair Ron Eibensteiner for refusing to be neutral in the fight. Eibensteiner said that he is being neutral: saying that Kennedy is a foregone conclusion is just the facts, ma'am.

So it is quite clear that there will be some kind of fight, but it remains to be seen whether the anti-Kennedy forces actually have any power. They are a distinct minority right now. I especially liked the comment from Grams that the party has become a top-down, "undemocratic" institution. Gee, Rod, what tipped you off? That phone call from Cheney telling Pawlenty to run for governor instead of senate in 2002? Today's Republican party is run with an iron-fisted efficiency not seen in a free country in a long time. Grams just happens to be on the short end of the stick.


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